Curious about getting bass recorded remotely? Here are some common questions I get asked.

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Why are remote sessions so cheap? What's the catch?

There's no catch. You're just not paying a load of middlemen. Before the dawn of high-quality home/remote recording, you'd have to pay musicians, a fee to hire a studio for them to record in and also engineers to set up and run all the recording gear. However, these days there's no need to hire a studio or an engineer because I have a set up that makes them redundant. That means there's less financial stress for you and more money to spend elsewhere on your music!

Do I have to pay per song recorded?

No! A standard $150 session will get you 15 minutes of recorded audio in return. For this reason, I always encourage clients to get their money's worth and have me record multiple songs for them. Whilst $150 per session is my base minimum (excuse the awful pun) feel free to use that 15 minutes to your advantage. Potentially you could have live bass on a whole 4-5 track EP for $150!

How much do you charge?

A standard session is $150 for me to supply you with up to 15 minutes of recorded audio. Does this effectively mean it costs $150 to get me to work for 15 minutes? DEFINITELY NOT! It means the maximum amount of audio I'll record for you in a single session is up to 15 minutes in length.

How many takes of each song will you do?

A standard $150 session includes the initial take and then two revisions of each part I record for you. In my experience, it's always the second take where the bass parts start to come together. Take one gets a feel for the part, you then have a listen and your feedback is incorporated into the parts and this is what makes the second take work!

Could I have different basses recorded in a single session? I.E upright and electric?

Absolutely! Because you're getting 15 minutes of recorded audio from me you can structure that time how ever you like. Mix and match different basses as you like until you're sure you have what you want!

How does a remote recording session work?

It's very easy! First of all, we have a call together to discuss what you want and I can offer some solutions and ideas as to how to make that happen for you. Next, you send me your music with a version that has no bass. I then record my parts and send them back to you via a secure file sharing platform like DropBox.

Do you offer deals for large orders or repeat customers?

I can do for sure but I always encourage new clients to have a call with me first to discuss potential deals. Whilst $150 per session is my minimum I am willing to do deals if we can lock in a large amount of work that exceeds a single session like a film score, a full-length album or a long-term project which would provide repeating business. If you've got something in mind then I'd love to talk it through with you on a no-obligation call so email me and tell me about your plans!

Do you only work remotely or will you travel to a studio?

Absolutely I'll travel! I love working with clients in person and I'll gladly travel to wherever you are. Depending on the location and length of the project I may ask that you contribute to travel and accommodation costs but this is the sort of thing that we can discuss on a no-obligation call so feel free to email me and ask!

Where can I hear examples of your playing?

I have compiled a small playlist of recent jobs which you can listen to by clicking here.

Do you only work for large artists? Are you happy to record for smaller indie artists too?

Yes, I will gladly record for smaller artists as well as big ones. I love the variety that brings to my work! In fact, one of my favourite things about working remote is that the reduced cost of the session means I get to work with more small artists who want great quality but are on a tight budget.

What gear do you use to record?

I've made a full list of all my recording equipment which you can view by clicking here.

What services do you offer?

For a full list of remote recording, services click here. If you'd like to discuss something that's more bespoke then feel free to email me!

Can I edit the bass parts once they are recorded?

Absolutely! Once payment has gone through and I've released the recordings to you they are YOUR PARTS! So if you want to chop them up or edit the chorus of take one with the verse of take two then go ahead. All I ask is that you credit me as playing bass on your music.

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