Instruments And Recording Gear

Here's a full run-down of all the instruments and gear I can use to record bass on your songs.

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Upright/Acoustic Bass

My beautiful old upright has a very unique sound that can't be replicated by a sample library no matter how good it is.

This bass delivers the perfect blend of warmth, low-end weight and clarity that make it a perfect option for acoustic acts, country artists and singer-songwriters alike.

Upright Bass

1978 Fender Precision Bass

This bass has a beautiful vintage sound. If your music needs to sound old skool then this is probably the bass you'll want me to use.

The natural sound of old P basses mean they sit perfectly in almost any mix and work in any style.

Fender Precision Bass

Sadowsky MV5

This has been my "go-to" bass for well over ten years because it sounds amazing and is so diverse.

It has a great punchy sound that makes it ideal for pop, rock and metal but at a softer dynamic it sings so beautifully that it's just as comfortable on a ballad too.

Sadowsky Bass Guitar

Ibanez GWB35 Fretless Bass

This great bass provides the lower midrange growl and vocal-like quality that's a classic feature of the fretless bass sound.

If your bass part needs a little extra character or you want something to cut through the mix and provide a little extra melodic sparkle then this is the bass for the job.

Fretless Bass Guitar

DI's & Bass Amps


Jule Monique Dovecage

This is the Rolls Royce of bass DI's. Hand made in California by legendary low-end amp maker Jule Potter, the Dovecage provides the incredible warmth and presence of a classic all-tube bass amp.

Trust me when I say you've never heard ANYTHING like this before.

Jule Monique Dovecage

Jule Monique M Series 700

The Dovecage also works with the M Series 700 amp to provide its beautiful blend of presence and clarity as amped bass sound.

This is the perfect option if you want a bass tone that moves some air and feels loud.

Ideal for rock, pop and metal music.

Jule Monique M Series 700

A-Designs REDDI

The A-Designs REDDI gives the low-end focus that so many bands, artists and producers crave.

This DI gives an almost compressed focus to the sound which makes it a perfect companion for my double bass and precision bass.

The closest amp sound that's reminiscent of the REDDI is a B15 so you can rest assured that choosing this DI means your bass part will six in your mix perfectly. 


Aguilar AG500

Aguilar amps are famed for their clean, crisp yet full sound and the AG500 is no exception.

This amp can be used either with a mic or the DI can record the classic Aguilar sound on your track giving you unrivalled tone quality for your song.


Cabs and Bass Amp Plugins


Vanderkley Cabs

Both my 1x12 and 2x10 speaker cabinets were hand made in Holland by master amp maker Marc Vanderkley.

These cabs are beautifully clear but can also handle all dynamic ranges with total transparency and clarity.


Amplitube 5

If you want to craft a truly bespoke bass amp sound for your song then this is a great tool to use.

Amplitube is packed full of incredible bass amp VST's, mics, pedals and rack effects but there are also plenty of guitar amps that give bass sounds a totally unique edge.

Not sure how bass sounds through a guitar amp? Listen to Lemy from Motorhead and you'll get the idea :)

Amplitube 5.jpeg

Darkglass Ultra - Neural DSP

Neural DSP is a VST plugin for bass that emulates the iconic sound of the vintage and B7K Ultra Bass Preamps.

If your music needs an edgy quality then this is the tool for us to use on your music.

Aggression, bite, punch and power all in one!

Darkglass Ultra Neural DSP



Aston Origin

The Aston Origin captures bass so perfectly that it can be used on amps and acoustic basses with trouble.

Adding a mic like this to your bass sound will give the sound much more punch and presence.

Particularly if you're interested in having acoustic bass recorded then this mic will bring your parts to life.

Aston Origin Microphone

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